Locally owned and operated Aerius helicopters have been providing aerial services in the Bay of Plenty since 2004. Specializing in unforgettable scenic flights and all aspects of commercial and agricultural work, our pilots are very experienced in their field of work.


We operate from Tauranga Airport

Hangar 8, Tauranga Airport,
Mount Maunganui

Our website lists our most popular flights and services but please don't hesitate to make contact if you would like us to create a package just for you. 





Our White Island Tours and Scenic Flights are constantly receiving great reviews on TripAdvisor.
For the past several years we have received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. This honours hospitality businesses that deliver consistently great service across the world. This designation is presented to approximately 10% of total businesses on TripAdvisor that have consistently achieved great reviews over the past year.


Aerius Helicopters has a Silver Qualmark rating and we are continuously thinking or new innovative ways to improve our practices so that our staff and our customers receive top-level support and experiences when in the care of Aerius Helicopters, the Qualmark evaluation is an annual occurrence that ensures our customers that we deliver a quality experience.


Every participant including Aerius Helicopters, in New Zealand's aviation community, shares a responsibility for safety and security. The role of the CAA is to see that aviation participants meet the standards set by the Minister of Transport in the public interest.


Manaakitanga is the process of showing respect generosity and care for others, loosely translated as hospitality, ‘manaakitanga’ plays a key role in a Maori society and inspires the way travellers are made to feel welcome when visiting New Zealand.

Like many Maori words the meaning of manaakitanga has more than one meaning it can be broken down into three parts:

Mana-a-ki which loosely translates as ‘the power of the word’ this reminds hosts to be expressive and fluent in welcoming visitors. Mana meaning ‘Prestige’ and tangata meaning ‘to the people’ pointing out the importance of the mana which covers the integrity, status and power of guests.

The concept of manaakitanga forms one of the core values for New Zealanders it is the spirit of manaakitanga that makes a New Zealand holiday unique. No matter the size of the group or whether the event is large or small, the focus on the hosts is to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome.


Kaitiakitanga means guardianship and protection. It’s a way of protecting and managing the environment based on the Maori worldview, being closely connected to the land and nature Kaitiakitanga is based on this idea of humans as part of the natural world.
Ensuring peace within the environment, as well as preventing intrusions that cause permanent imbalances and guards against environmental damage. There is growing interest in kaitiakitanga today. Many tribes are restoring their local environment and culture, using traditional ideas in the modern world.


The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to New Zealand. To act as a guardian, protecting our home.
New Zealand is precious, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it.

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