White Island a Must on Your New Zealand Travel Itinerary

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Sputtering, steaming, stunning White Island is undoubtedly one of the NZ’s top travel destinations. Set off the east coast of New Zealand close to Tauranga, there are only two ways of accessing White Island – air or sea. We reckon any trip to the Bay of Plenty isn’t complete without a helicopter flight to White Island, and here’s why:

It’s NZ’s Most Active Volcano

As a nation of volcanoes, every visitor to New Zealand should see a volcano during their travels. And if you’re going to see one, why not make it NZ’s most active volcano? With around 35 eruptions since 1826, White Island is the most roaring, steaming, breathing volcano in the country, and that’s pretty damn cool!

Scenic Views

The sights of the Bay of Plenty from above are out of this world. By taking a helicopter flight from Tauranga to White Island, you get a bird’s eye view of Mount Maunganui before heading over to White Island where you’ll be amazed by the rugged crater lake, dramatic landscape and bubbling mud.

Learn About Geothermal

There are few places in the world where you can witness the natural wonder of geothermal activity first-hand. If you decide to do the helicopter flight and guided tour, you’ll also hear fascinating commentary and even get the chance to walk on the volcano itself.

Experience a Helicopter Ride

If you haven’t been on a chopper before, it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list. Unlike flying on a plane, helicopter flights let you get much closer to the action and give you vista views of the surrounding scenery. Whether you’re a first-timer or a helicopter veteran, it’s an experience like no other.

Walk on the Moon – Sort Of

With its rocky landscape, craters, steam and sulphur-green lakes, walking on White Island can feel like walking on the moon. And since you have to wear a gas mask and hard hat while on the island, you’ll feel like a true astronaut!

A Piece of NZ History

If you are a history buff, all the more reason to venture out to White Island. Early on, it was a significant site of seabirds and sulphur for Maori; it was discovered and named by Captain Cook; then in the 1880s, Europeans started mining White Island for sulphur. Take the helicopter flight and tour if you want to walk amongst the sulphur mine’s corroded ruins.

See Wildlife

There’s no guarantee, but seeing wildlife in the deep blue sea below the helicopter is not unusual. Travellers on the helicopter flight to White Island have seen dolphins, seals, whales, schools of fish and plenty of birds.

Bang for your Buck

It isn’t cheap, but the helicopter flight trips from Tauranga to White Island are great value for money. We’re going to go out on a limb and claim that a White Island helicopter trip isn’t only the best tour in the Bay of Plenty, but in all of NZ! 

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