Mayor Island Devils Staircase

Our ½ day tramping tour through one of New Zealand’s largest Pohutukawa forests will take you up to the crater rim known as the Devils Staircase. Named due to the narrow ridge with a 200ft drop on either side. This is the stronghold where the Maori tribe would defend the island in battle.
You will see and hear many of our native birds including nectar-feeding bellbirds and tui, wood pigeons, morepork, fantail, kaka (brown parrot), grey warbler, waxeye, kingfisher and, soaring on the thermals, the harrier hawk. The island is also home to the Kiwi bird.
You will see layers of Obsidian, a volcanic glass created by the rapid cooling of silica-rich lava, obsidian was prized by early Maori for cutting and scraping tools and weapons. Obsidian is known as Tuhua by Maori who called the island by the same name.
Quarantine restrictions apply to keep Tuhua pest-free

• Tramping boots recommended
• Anyone with severe allergies should bring an epi pen
• High fitness is recommended.
• Tramping poles may be used.
• Children under 25 kgs cannot be carried due to life jacket restrictions

Departs from Tauranga Airport or Kiwi 360 (Te Puke)

All flights are subject to weather and weight restrictions.

Duration: 240 minute
$605 per Person

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