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Frequently ask Questions

What if the weather is not good on the day?
The pilots make a weather call each morning. Passengers are welcome to call the office for an update. If we have concerns regarding weather, we usually try and give booked passengers a call the day before to talk through options.

What should I wear?
Clothing should be comfortable and not too loose fitting.
NOTE: Hats and other loose articles of clothing can be blown away due to the wind caused by the aircraft.

What can I bring on the flight?
You can bring on board with you your phone, camera, a water bottle, sun hat.

Is there a lot of noise on the flight?
You will receive headphones to help reduce cabin pressure and white noise. The headphones also have a microphone and will allow you to communicate with the pilot and each other.

What do I need to know about safety on my flight?
A comprehensive safety briefing will be given before departure.

If I’m travelling on my own, can I still get on a flight?
Our flights run on a minimum of two passenger fares, but we will always do our best to combine bookings in order to accommodate our customers. Give us a call on 0800 864 354

Can we take photos on our flight?
In fact we encourage you to bring your camera to capture breath-taking views. We recommend dark clothing for photo taking as bright coloured clothing may create a reflective glare on the helicopter’s plexi-glass windows and create a reflection in your photos. Dark clothing helps to eliminate the reflections.

Why do you ask for weight?
All helicopters are certificated for a specified maximum gross weight.
It is unsafe to fly a helicopter over this weight limit, as it can adversely affect take off, climb, hovering, and landing performance.
All flights and tours from Aerius Helicopters have strict passenger weight limits in order to fly safely.
Weight Limit: 130 kilograms or 286 pounds

Can I fly if I am pregnant?
Yes, it is safe to fly. The biggest concern would be if you are late in your pregnancy. The pressure changes may induce labour.
Though we do not recommend flights in your third trimester check with your physician to further understand risks prior to your flight.

What is your policy concerning children?
There is no age limit to ride in a helicopter, but we would like for a parent or guardian to accompany any minor(s) on their flight. If you have a child three (3) years of age or younger, they will not be charged for their flight if they are held on the lap of a parent or adult guardian. (by law)
For flights that are heading out to White Island Volcano the age limit for children is eight (8) and over 30 kgs as this is an active volcano we ask that you exercise sound judgment when allowing your child to fly as you know your child/children best.

Do we share the helicopter with passengers not in our group?
For rides and tours you may be traveling with other passengers, this depends entirely on how many people are scheduled for a specific flight. Charters flights are always private.

Can I fly to a location you haven’t advertised?
We can cater to your request, Aerius Helicopters provide charter flights all around New Zealand give us a call on 0800 864 354 to discuss further

Do you offer your services to persons with disabilities?
Our friendly & courteous staff is here to assist our customers with disabilities. Some of our clients have mobility, vision or hearing impairments. Please advise us of your needs so we may make the proper accommodations for you in advance.

Can we fly tours at night?
CAA requires all tours must fly between “Sunrise and Sunset”; no tour may depart before sunrise and all tours must be on the ground before the sun sets.

How many passengers can fly at one time?
That depends on which helicopter is being used for the service you are receiving. Our company minimum is two (2) passengers, and the maximum is five (5) passengers. Our helicopters used for sightseeing tours accommodate 2-5 passengers. We are also capable of flying multiple helicopters for groups larger than 5

When should I arrive for my helicopter flight?
We require you to arrive 20 minutes before your schedule tour.
This allows enough time for us to check in and pre-flight all passengers regarding safety issues and procedures when in the helicopter.

Will the pilot explain to me what I see on the tour?
Yes. The pilot will narrate the tour and explain the history and significance of the sights during the flight.

Are gift certificates available?
Yes. Gift certificates can be purchased online 

What if I get motion sickness?
Most of our clients enjoy their flight with no discomfort; however some guests are prone to motion sickness. If this applies to you, you may want to take Dramamine or a similar motion sickness product prior to flight. Your pilot will try to provide you with the smoothest & most enjoyable flight possible.

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