Aerius Helicopters features in top attractions in Rotorua region There are dozens of different ways to experience Rotorua - in fact, the city is a tourist paradise, with myriad attractions competing for the attention of both international and local visitors alike. It takes a lot to cut through the crowd and stand out as an exceptional Rotorua experience, but that’s just what Aerius Helicopters have managed to do. The company, which provides both scenic and commercial helicopter flights alongside premium package experiences, was recently highlighted in an article that appeared on The article, which singled out 10 Rotorua attractions that stood head and shoulders above the rest, praised the unique perspective that Aerius is able to provide. Kristof Haines, content editor for Motorhome Republic, said “There are so many tours and attractions in Rotorua that it was really hard to pick just ten, but right from the get go I knew that Aerius Helicopters needed to make the list. They provide visitors with an entirely different viewpoint of this visually striking landscape, which is something that not many others even attempt.” Mr Haines went on to say that the rich variety offered by an Aerius flight was another factor in the tour company’s top ten inclusion. “Yes, you get to see Rotorua from the air, but you also get a fantastic look at the coastal area around Tauranga and a great view of Mount Tarawera. It’s that diversity that really sets Aerius Helicopters apart.” Aerius Helicopter flights depart from the beautiful Tauranga area and can take visitors not only over the Rotorua lakes, but along the coast of the sunny Bay of Plenty and even out to White Island, an active volcano set 52 kilometres offshore. Not only do Aerius Helicopters do flyovers of this magnificent smoking island, tourists can even choose to touch down for a crater landing and a tour around the volatile landscape.

The Top 10 can be viewed here

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