There is nothing like the sensation of hovering in a powerful, fast-moving helicopter, looking down at the ground just a few feet below, the thrill of flying in a helicopter when you soar through the skies for unforgettable miles as you climb to great heights and accelerate to incredible speeds while admiring the breathtaking views of landmarks as your guided through the skies your pilot reveals plenty of interesting facts about your surroundings throughout your journey. So sit back relax and enjoy those marvelous views and discover how truly magnificent flying can be!

1. Give the Gift of Perfect Pictures. Don’t miss these perfectly snappable moments: ● The pre-flight pose ● Old-school aerial shot ● Inside the chopper ● Helicopter-in-view aerial shot 2. It Makes the Perfect Date Night. We have all been there, trying to decide where to go on your night out with your significant other, sick of the same routine of movies and restaurants? this is their perfect way to spice up your date night and share a romantic adventure together. 3. The views are Spectacular. Let me tell you a secret the views in a helicopter are much cooler than an airplane, why you may ask well helicopters have the ability to take you much lower than airplanes, they can hover from a standstill in any direction from any altitude. 4. It's Exciting For the thrillseekers, the excitement of taking off in the air above the city is enough to get the heart racing, but if the thrill of soaring over the city isn't enough how about flying over and viewing an active marine volcano?!

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Hangar 8,

Tauranga Airport,

142 Aerodrome road,

Mount Maunganui,


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