At Aerius Helicopters our aim is to provide a professional service while creating a minimal impact on the environment and community, as we are aware of the carbon footprint we leave behind, we have other initiatives in place to offset our carbon footprint. 

Join the movement and get involved to protect our environment to those who have come before you as well as those who will come after by donating to Trees That Count!!

Every tree planted helps off-set your carbon emissions from your helicopter flight, planting native trees is one of the most powerful actions we can take to combat climate change.

We also choose to run single engine aircraft to reduce our carbon footprint.

Aerius Helicopters are also committed to supporting the reduction of plastic pollution by providing a Water Refill Station in store, this encourages healthy drinking, and helps reduce plastic pollution in our seas, it can also have an impact on the amount of co2 produced through plastic production, so let’s make a difference together by reusing and refilling our drink bottles and support the community movement.
We sell BPA-free reusable drink bottles that are locally sourced.

5 reasons why we choose to support Water Refill

1. Prevent plastic pollution at source
2. Help combat climate change
3. Protect our environment
4. Better quality water
5. Save money

let’s help combat climate change and say YES to refill No to single use plastic!


Zero Waste: We have a waste separation plan in place that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused.

Local buying: Supporting communities that adopt sustainable practices and natural sources and/or viable alternatives.

Washing products: We use eco – friendly bio degradable products where possible.

Energy Efficiency – Aerius Helicopters educates and encourage employees to be energy-conscious and to offer ideas about how energy can be saved.

Sponsorship: We provided ongoing sponsorship for a wide range of local initiatives.

High awareness around wildlife: being sensitive to their space and environment.


+ If you have rubbish our crew are more than happy to help take it off your hands and dispose of it as per our waste management plan. 

+ Please do not take any “souvenirs” from any of our flights that offer landings.

+ Listen to your guide and stick to the trail on White Island to reduce human impact. 

+ Do not throw our brochures away after use. Either take them home as a souvenir, put them in a recycling bin (or give them to us to recycle)  or, better still, pass on to another traveller.

+ Take the time to fill in our survey forms – they give you the opportunity to comment on our environmental practices and make any suggestions.

White Island Sustainability

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